The central focus of Schirin's art is a portrait. She reads the face of her subject deeper than its contours, she approaches it so delicately like one would approach a wild animal, taming the soul of it for some time and then setting it free.


In all her portraits the soul of a sitter is apparent, an aura, an expression of the face that is unique, and while looking at them. She loves the iconography of the 20th art and the ingenuity of intricate codes of street art is one of her comfort zones. These are her beginnings, her roots, to which she often comes back, when her branches need that special kind of green or yellow-red.

Schirin is an artist that is shaped early in life, but at the same time she is constantly evolving, experimenting with new techniques, learning how to be free from one day to another, always reinventing herself.She is inspired by women a lot, she identifies with their suffering or triumph in a similar way, she tells their stories in silence, she immortalises moments in time and that is her purpose as an artist. There is a certain dynamic in her work, there is a subtle movement that one can see transcending, almost walking out of the canvass to take a destiny of its own.


Her portraits are not only portraits. They are journeys of the soul, different  destinies that she holds in her hand like a newborn baby...It was an honour to give a part of my soul for Schirin Khorram to paint. I can give her all my stories and I know they are safe in her capable hands. It is my favorite portrait ever painted of me, and yes, there were many,  but none reached as deep in my soul as this one.It is an honour to continue to see and listen to her "silent" stories full of splendour and humanity.A storyteller on canvass, Schirin Khorram, a master portraitist of the soul.


By Teuta Skenderi (actress), London 2011